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Financial Planning

Did you know that advice seekers retire with
79% more money than the typical investor?

Having a Plan for Your Future

Here at B. Riley Wealth, everything we do revolves around planning. Planning is the core essence of our client relationships, and we strive to meet the objectives of each individual investor. With a strong financial plan in place, it gives both us and our clients the freedom to make tough decisions that favorably align with the time horizons of each investor’s circumstances. We make sure to start with the end in mind, giving our clients clarity into the most effective, efficient, and up-to-date strategies regarding financial goals.

A financial plan can provide the bedrock for a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial state. Our team can help you create a unique and customized plan to help you achieve your financial and life goals. With access to some of the most powerful planning tools in the industry, we can help establish and track your plan to ensure your comprehensive plan stays on track over the long term.

This service provides unprecedented peace of mind as we grow together over time.

Pillars of Financial Success:

Retirement Planning

There are myriad questions and solutions surrounding retirement, and for some clients, it can be difficult to discern. We’re here to offer you guidance to navigate alternatives and make an informed decision.

Portfolio Management

We monitor every corner of the financial markets, constantly in search of the most effective and efficient strategies. Our goal is to help you understand your specific portfolio allocation, and provide insight on how and why we structured it as such.

Estate Planning & Risk Management Solutions

Insurance and risk management solutions can be a useful and flexible tool as part of a comprehensive financial plan. We want to provide you with the optimal avenues that are available for your needs, goals, and objectives.

Benefits of the Financial Planning Process

As a team, we will help you better manage your financial portfolio, allowing you to reap the full benefits of financial independence and to choose the lifestyle you desire.

Our financial process will:

  • Work closely with individuals and corporations to assess assets and liabilities
  • Analyze your major sources of income and categorize your wealth “appetite”
  • Outline how much money is being spent vs. saved
  • Assess and project your time line for retirement and map out a long term budget and plan
  • Determine which types of investment accounts suit your needs
  • Help with budgeting, investing, saving for retirement and other goals
  • Account for any special circumstances (health issues, dependent adult childs, etc.)

Our process is designed to uncover and assess what’s most important to you, help you clarify your goals, and build a personalized plan that suits your needs. Through this thorough process, our team can get a deep understanding of your financial situation, and define the means to achieve your financial goals.

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